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Respira filter

* Easy and intuitive filter replacement without the need to remove the mask from face.
* Solution not using an exhalation valve.
* An effective mechanical capture of particles.
* Flexibility of final application of the used nanotextile filter element.
* Functionality comparable to existing structural solutions.
* This nanotextile filter element meets the requirements for this type of filters through smaller working area, compared to existing solutions.

Respira Respira Respira Respira

With respect to requirements on the level of tightness in combination with the lowest possible complexity of the filter production, the round filter is composed of three parts: the lower filter lid, nanotextile filter element and the upper filter cap.

Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A Respira 05A

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Product catalog

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